Vettes and Vixens - car shoot workshop

One day I was looking through the post on my Facebook account, checking out what my photography brethren are up too. Then I come across a picture that fellow photog Mac Hayes posted on his page admiring the shot.  Long story short, through conversation in the thread between myself, Ron Bass and a few other photogs, we desided that it would be a good ideal to do a Meetup workshop themed around the sexy Chevrolet Corvette. 

So planning started and I enlisted the help of my home girl and partner in crime Yasenia Maye. What started as a 1 car maybe 2 model event, turned into a 3 car, 4 model party. Our models Stephanie Sweets, Sayoma Cummings, Trini May and LaLonda McClain accented the beauty of the four wheeled machines and brought a good balance visually to the composition and setting.

I was pleased with the way the event worked out even after all of the difficulties we had securing a location for the shoot, all of the permitting issues we faced and the numerous property owners/property managers that shut us out.  

We are planning on doing another one this coming Summer so be on the lookout for it in my workshop section.