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Artistic/ Glamour Nude Photo shoot w/ Caprea

Caprea moves from pose to pose with the ease and finesse of a graceful dancer. Her comfort level with shooting nudes as well as glamour style makes her a must have for anyone looking to add to their artistic portfolios. 
Professional lighting will be provided to accent both her artistic nude and glamour styles.  



We use a timed turn based method of shooting that is organized and gives each photographer an equal opportunity to get in his or her shots of the models while receiving unique poses all their own. Pocket wizards are used to trigger the studio lights. It's highly recommended that you bring your own to ensure full use of the studio lighting and that it’s firmware is up to date. If you don't have one, we have a few to lend you if needed. 

A model release form will be included and provided to you after the event. This release gives you permission to post your photos you've taken. 



We can't do these events without these talented ladies. 

We know your busy out there in the real world, but please take some time out to provide photos to the lovely ladies! Without them, this wouldn't be possible. ! They need these photos to build up their portfolios as well! So remember, they took time out to come support you so don't forget to return the favor! :-)